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Angel Elias & CockyBoy Newbie Canyon Cole

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CockyBoys welcomes Canyon Cole who’s excited to be with Angel Elias and trigger his dominant side, tempered with some sensual passion.  Angel loves how Canyon sucks his cock with teary-eyed devotion and in return Angel laps at Canyon’s hole nearly making him beg for his cock. as they engage in some hot sex talk.

Angel drills Cole deep and they keep up the excitement level by continuing to engage verbally even as limber Cole gets pounded in all kinds of positions. He further impresses by riding Angel, shooting his load and wanting him to keep drilling his hole. When Angel does blow, Cole is right there to get a facial from him. Angel may be totally spent, but Cole sure looks like he’s ready for more!


Studio: CockyBoys
Release Title: Angel Elias & Canyon Cole

What next?

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