Big Night Out – Part 1

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Damien and Max were determined to make it in the adult entertainment industry. To prepare themselves they reached out to Kye, a veteran pornstar with years of experience under his belt. When they arrived at the event that evening, things had already taken an unexpected direction.
Kye gave them some pointers on staying erect in front of a large crowd which Damien was sure would come in handy. The two then proceeded to take their places on stage as the lights came up and Kye slyly whispered “Good luck” before slinking off into the shadows.
The scene was electric as Damien and Max took their first steps onto set. They could feel the eyes of hundreds of people watching them intently as they nervously adjusted their clothing and waited for instructions from the director. But when the director gave his cue, Damien and Max were surprisingly calm and confident, ready to start their journey as pornstars.

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