Blindfolded and Bound in the Woods

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Original Title: APPRENTICE DEVALL Chapter 4 – The New Name
Studio: CarnalPlus

The moment Devall felt the cold steel cuffs click around his wrists, he knew he was in deep trouble. The sound of rustling leaves and twigs snapped him out of his thoughts. Devall’s heart raced as he struggled against the ropes that bound him to a tree. His head throbbed with pain as the anonymous note’s message played over and over in his mind: “You’ve always been a good boy, Devall. A perfect apprentice. But tonight, you’re going to learn what it means to be a real man, a real servant.”

The sound of footsteps grew louder. Devall’s knees shook as he heard someone approach. He felt the cold metal pinch his nose as a blindfold was pulled over his eyes. The world went dark, and he could almost hear the sound of his own breaths as he waited for what came next.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed his shoulder, and Devall felt himself being lifted up. Someone pushed him roughly, and he stumbled forward. A voice, low and husky, whispered in his ear, “You’re mine, now. And I’m going to teach you how to be a real man.”

What Next?

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