BSB Legendary Threeway with Chris, Benjamin & Damien

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Studio: Broke Straight Boys

Chris Taylor, Benjamin Dover, and Damien Nichols are without a doubt some of the legends of Broke Straight Boys and you may remember them from the incredibly hot scene ‘Watch Out Here They Cum’ that was released back in May of 2018. This scene was so hot that it made the top 15 Broke Straight Boys scenes of all time, and if you missed it or don’t remember it, here’s what the scene was about:

The three boys started off with some kissing and making out, before Benjamin took the lead and started sucking Chris’ balls and cock. Chris then leaned in to get his own taste of Damien’s big cock, before Benjamin pushed him out of the way for a chance at Damien’s cock. Damien then got in on the oral action, as he ate Chris’ ass and rimmed his tight hole, all while getting his own dick sucked by Benjamin. Chris then took Benjamin’s dick down his throat, while Damien worked on Chris’ own dick. After some more passionate oral, Chris then pulled his legs up to his chest and let Damien slide his raw cock in him, as Benjamin’s fat and juicy dick was stuffed in his mouth. Benjamin then got behind Damien and started fucking him raw, while Chris stood in front of Damien and shoving his cock in Damien’s mouth. Chris then gave Damien a facial as he nutted all over him and Damien followed behind him, stroking out a huge load. Finally, Benjamin busted last, giving both Damien and Chris a taste of his hot cum.

If you enjoyed watching BSB Legendary Threeway with Chris, Benjamin & Damien, then you know that Broke Straight Boys is all about pushing the boundaries of straight and bi-curious guys' sexuality. If you want to see more straight and bi-curious guys in hot amateur actions exploring their bodies, then check out Broke Straight Boys'profile on our website for more videos and get ready for a wild ride! Or, if you want to know even more about the Broke Straight Boys, you can check out our full review.  

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