Colby and Taylor Split-Roasting Mickey

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Studio: ColbyKnox
Release Title: Taylor and Colby Split Mickey

At the start of this week’s update, we see a ColbyKnox webcam video of Mickey Knox in his favourite position: on his stomach, about to be filled, front and back, by two stiff ol’ dicks. Colby Chambers, Mickey’s husband, handles the rear. One of the site’s popular guests, Taylor Reign, takes care of the front. This hot trio is on the studio’s bed, all naked, and ready for play. Taylor slides up and Mickey opens wide for his stiff slab of beef. Colby teases Mickey’s crack with his bare staff while Taylor and Colby make out, leaning over Mickey. Colby slaps those perfect buttocks as he plays with Mickey’s backdoor. Taylor puts his hand on Mickey’s head and face fucks him. “That feels so good,” Taylor exclaims. Colby puts a little spit on his husband’s hole and then goes in. “Oh, yeah,” Taylor says. “Take it all.” He pulls away, watching the couple get it on. Colby is gentle, but his cock is thick and sturdy. “Holy shit,” Micky says. “Oh, fuck.” Colby lubes up to make things a little easier. When he gets back inside, he strikes Mickey’s “special spot.” Taylor moves to the other side of the bed, watching the sexy scene in front of him. As he fucks Colby, he bites the back of Mickey’s neck. Taylor doesn’t see why Colby should have all the fun.

He dismounts, getting to Mickey’s side to cover him with kisses. Taylor’s hefty rod enters Mickey. Colby decides to get on his knees to feed his man some meat. “Fuck, yeah,” Colby whispers. “Suck that dick.” Taylor’s strokes are powerful and steady. “You like fucking my husband’s ass,” Colby wonders. “Yeah,” Taylor responds. “It feels good,” Colby asks. “It feels so good,” Taylor says. As for Mickey, he groans and moans. Colby gets behind Taylor, pushing him deeper into his boyfriend’s backside. Colby wants another round with Mickey’s breasts. “Passing me back and forth,” Mickey jokes. “I love it.” Taylor, once again, watches from the side. Colby re-enters Mickey’s tight little ass.

Colby wants Taylor to service his husband’s penis, so Taylor gets under Mickey. Mickey sucks off Taylor and Colby remounts. Mickey works his way to Taylor’s pubic hair. With Taylor’s mouth wrapped around his cock, and his husband’s dick pounding him in the ass, Mickey is in heaven. Colby picks up the pace. “I’m going to cum in you,” he yells. He shoots streams of man juice inside Mickey. A creampie for a cutie. 🙂 “That was hot to watch from this angle,” Taylor explains. Mickey shows his hole to the audience; it glistens with white goo. After fingering himself, he gets back on his knees and chest so Taylor can bust one. He jerks at the sight of Mickey’s ass. Just as he’s about to nut, he pushes his rod into Mickey’s rear. Creampie number two for a cutie. 🙂 “Give me that fucking cum,” Mickey cries. Taylor pushes his load, and Colby’s, way down into Mickey’s insides. Mickey shows his butt to the audience for a second time, his hole slowly winking. He gets on his back so he can also lose some juice. He jerks a load whose first stream passes his face and soaks the bedsheets. The remaining man milk lands between his delectable tiddies. “That was a big load,” Taylor observes.

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