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Colby Creampies Bellboy in Vegas

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Studio: ColbyKnox

Colby Chambers is staying in his hotel room at the GayVN Awards when he‘s interrupted by a knock at the door. Colby covers himself up, only to find Jack Valor, a handsome bellboy in a vest, at the door with a delivery of towels.Have you had any luck in Vegas yet?” Jack wonders as Colby reveals his massive tool.

I was hoping to get lucky this morning,” Colby replies. Jack is taken aback by the size of Colby‘s cock and Colby takes the opportunity to ask if Jack is into it. Jack quickly answers yes, and the two men kiss, with Colby confessing that he saw Jack when he checked in and ordered towels for the past four days hoping he‘d make it up to his room. Jack moves in to suck Colby‘s cock, and Colby pulls him up to ask if he‘s there to service him. Jack‘s reply is muffled grunts as Colby orders him to suck his cock and lets him feel his throat muscles. When Jack comes up for air, Colby pulls him up and pulls his pants down, exposing his plump rump. Colby dives between his ass cheeks and fingers him, asking if he came to Vegas to be his fuck boy. Jack answers yes and begs Colby to fuck him. Colby stands up and teases Jack‘s butt hole before working his raw dick inside. Colby smacks Jack‘s ass cheeks and asks him to ride his dick. Jack bounces on Colby‘s cock, and Colby asks if he wants his cum inside him. Jack answers yes and Colby pulls him up to lay on the bed. Colby spreads Jack‘s legs wide and pounds his hole, making Jack‘s butt cheeks quiver. Colby asks Jack to use his hole and Jack responds with more begging for Colby to fuck him. Colby continues to pound Jacks hole until he creampies him, flooding his guts with cum. Colby pulls out and re-enters, making sure his juice remains inside Jack for the rest of his shift. When Colby pulls out, Jack smiles and says,Let me know if you run out of towels again.”

We can only imagine how many towels Colby used during his stay in Vegas!

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