Colton’s Big Brother – Cole

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Studio: CarnalPlus
Release Title: COLTON AND COLE Chapter 3 – Big Brother

On Christmas Eve, Cole and his younger brother Colton finally came out to each other. After Colton revealed that he’d had a long-term crush on his big brother, Cole gave his little brother a very special Christmas gift. They’ve been enjoying each other’s company ever since!
Today, they’re up in their old attic playroom wrestling around, and you know what that leads to. Colton was giving Cole that shy, hungry-puppy-dog look that Cole’s starting to recognize. There was nothing he could do but pull his pants down and let his brother have his favourite chew toy.

Colton swallows his brother’s fat cock like a champ, giving him a blow job that makes Cole’s toes curl. But it’s not long before Cole has Colton on top of him where he can eat his brother’s sweet hole while Colton chows down on Cole’s cock.

Of course that’s just an appetiser! Now for the main event! Cole is pounding his little brother with his hard rod, driving it deep into him. Colton is moaning and panting, but he keeps his legs spread wide, giving everything up to his sexy older brother. Even the best things don’t last forever, though. Cole gives his little brother a big, warm hug and kisses him on the cheek. He pumps a huge load into Colton’s guts, sits back to watch it drip out of Colton’s gaping hole, then puts his cock back in Colton’s hole where it belongs.

What Next?

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