Crank My Shaft

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Studio: ColbyKnox
Release Title: Crank My Shaft

We don’t know whose butt crack opens this week’s ColbyKnox video. However, it looks yummy and tempting. Soon we discover the crack belongs to Benvi. He’s in the garage, in torn jeans, shirtless, fixing a riding lawn mower. Drake Von ambles in. He’s a bit surprised because he’s looking for someone else. “Is there something I can help you with,” Benvi wonders. Drake is a bit peeved, but Benvi tells him not to worry. “I can help you out if you like,” he says. “I don’t know if you’re up for it,” Drake replies. Who doesn’t love a big dicked stud more when he offers a fair warning? 🙂 Benvi is ready for the challenge, standing up and reaching for Drake’s tool. The two boys kiss. When Drake pulls down his sweatpants, his big ol’ nasty thang stands at attention. Benvi hits his knees and sucks. “Use that fucking hand,” Drake instructs. He sits on the machine and Drake’s tongue laps up the meat. He chokes when Drake face fucks; drool falls from Benvi’s mouth. His eyes turn red from the effort but he lets Drake stuff his gullet. He leans down to spank Benvi’s butt. “I can’t wait to get into that fucking ass,” Drake says. Benvi stands up and leans against the machine. Drake gets behind him, pulling Benvi’s jeans right below his butt cheeks.

That ass crack is fully exposed and Drake dives in. “Fucking eat that ass,” Benvi pleads. As he eats, Drake makes sure Benvi’s cheeks turn red. The pants keep Drake from doing everything he wants so they are pulled further down. “You taste so fucking good,” he notes. “That tongue feels fucking amazing,” Benvi exclaims. He shakes his booty and that causes Drake’s tongue to burrow deeper. “I’m going to fuck your ass,” he announces. After standing up, Drake traces Benvi’s crack with his stiff staff. Then he plunges inside. From the start he hammers to the balls. “Fuck, yeah,” Benvi moans. “Give me that big ass dick. Fuck me, bro.” He arches his back, granting Drake more access. “Take that fucking dick,” Drake whispers. He grabs Benvi’s hips for support, pounding as hard (and fast) as possible. “Spread your legs apart,” Drake demands. The strokes are deep and Benvi takes each one, holding the lawn mower’s seat. He looks back, staring at Drake as he reassembles his insides. “I love those deep strokes,” Benvi groans. “Fuck it, dude.” There’s a brief break so Benvi and Drake can move to the John Deere’s front.

Benvi is on his hands and knees. Drake gets back inside the tight hole. “That’s so fucking good,” he moans. “That’s fucking amazing.” Thank goodness the machine’s brakes are on. If it wasn’t, Drake’s grinding would roll the machine in the yard. 🙂 “I fucking love it,” Benvi says. “You feel so fucking good in me.” “You dirty slut,” Drake replies. He increases the hammering tempo. “You like that,” he wonders. Benvi smiles. “Fuck, yeah,” he cries. Benvi gets a chance to get on his back. On the machine’s seat. He spreads his graceful legs. When Drake re-enters his hole, Benvi strokes his cock. “Fuck, dude,” Benvi whimpers. “It’s so fucking tight,” Drake observes. When Benvi’s eyes roll back, you know he’s close to busting. “Keep pounding me like that,” he begs. Drake does and Benvi’s load shoots out. Cum lands on his chest and stomach. Drake continues to pummel. “It feels so fucking good,” Benvi remarks. Drake pulls out and stands over Benvi. He dumps man milk on Benvi’s chest and stomach, splattering his torso with cum. Benvi sucks Drake’s prick, getting a taste of the milky juice. “Come back anytime,” Benvi says. “Will do,” Drake notes. How long do you think Drake will wait before he returns? 🙂

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