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Creampie Extravaganza – Ricky Meets Andy

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Studio: BrokeStraightBoys
Release Title: Ricky Meets Andy For Bareback Creampie

The scene begins with Ricky Bobby and Andy Adler kissing intimately. Ricky has on black skull print boxer shorts. Andy is wearing tight white briefs. Their lips collide, then slowly Ricky kisses down the length of Andy’s torso. As Ricky moves lower towards Andy’s crotch, he notices how rock-hard Andy’s dick is. Andy’s big hard cock can be seen bulging out from his underwear. Without warning, Ricky suddenly grabs hold of Andy’s briefs and rips them down to the floor, exposing his long, thick cock. Andy lets out a moan of pleasure as he feels Ricky’s hot breath on his sensitive ballsack. Ricky can hardly contain himself anymore. He leans over and takes Andy’s dick into his mouth, sucking hard on the tip before taking the entire thing down his throat. Drool and slobber collect at the base of Andy’s navel while receiving a blow job.

Next Ricky lays back and Andy removes his boxer shorts. Fully naked the boys have an oral sex frenzy. Andy gets his soft lips stretched by Ricky’s big cock. Throbbing, wet, and ready Andy gags on the hard vascular manhood. Rim job time, Andy gets on his hands and knees to present his ass to Ricky. Ricky tongue dives into the tight boy hole. As Ricky eagerly goes down on Andy’s hot ass, his tongue darting in and out of the tight ring of muscle, he can feel Andy’s warmth emanating from deep within him. With each passing moment, the intensity of their passionate encounter continues to grow. Andy moans out from the incredible sensations of the flickering tongue.

Soon the hole gets completely saturated and Andy squats onto Ricky’s ram rod. The bottom boy bounces up and down while gasping in pleasure. Ricky’s thick dick pumps into Andy’s tight butt. Smooth twink Andy gets impaled by hot hairy boy Ricky. The sound of cheeks clapping echoes around the room. The guys extract pleasure from the erotic man on man action. Ricky pulverizes Andy’s gripping anal entrance. After a few moments Andy spreads his legs and submits to his top. In and out Ricky sticks his dick inside Andy’s ass repeatedly. Andy groans out as Ricky deep dives during anal sex. Thrusting forward Ricky fucks like a champion. Soon Andy reaches an explosive climax and gushes a sticky white cum load while getting pounded. Ricky decides to breed Andy and deliver him a creampie. Ricky glazes Andy’s insides with his seed. Without warning Andy expels the oozing cum from his ass hole, felching it onto a pillow. The encounter comes to an end with both boys sexually exhausted.

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1 month ago

Love when he rides that cock 🙂