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Darron Gets Filled Deep By Sexy Samual

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Studio: BrokeStraightBoys
Release Title: Darron Gets Filled Deep By Sexy Samual

The scene begins with Samual and Darron kissing in their underwear. Samual is sporting a vibrant pair of orange briefs, adding a pop of color. Meanwhile, Darron opts for a classic choice with his blue boxers. Samual compliments Darron then kisses his manly nipple. Darron gets turned on and Samual moves in to remove the blue underwear. After Darron’s completely nude Samula gives him a blow job. As Samual expertly sucks Darron’s hardened shaft, the two men share an intense moment of pure lust and desire. Their kisses become even more passionate as they continue their erotic oral exploration. Darron asks if Samual can take the entire length down his throat. Samual explains he is up for the challenge. Darron thrusts up and holds down Samual’s head while assertively making him deepthroat.

Soon, it’s Samual’s turn to receive some oral action. Darron takes off Samual’s orange underwear to reveal his hardening cock. Darron takes a deep breath and opens his mouth wide, taking hold of Samual’s big dick. His lips wrap around the shaft, creating a tight seal. Darron gags on Samual’s monster cock but doesn’t let go. He continues to suck on it with all his might, making sure every last drop of precum is extracted from the head of Samual’s cock. The sound of sucking fills the room. Both Darron and Samual moan loudly as they enjoy each other’s company. Samual smiles while Darron gags on his monster cock. Darron admits that it’s big. But that only makes him want it even more. He continues to suck on Samual’s massive dick like there’s no tomorrow. Next Darron bends over to present his bare ass to Samual. Suddenly Samual thrashes the tight pink boy hole with his tongue. Rimming the anal entrance thoroughly Samual gets it moist and ready. Then the big top Samual slowly slides his hard cock inside of Darrons rear end. Darron moans out as Samual thrusts himself inside, back and forth. Their breathing rate increases while Samual’s pounding leaves Darron exasperated.

The two boys kiss and then Darron fully submits to his top Samual. Darron Allows Samual to take control and ram his boy hole bareback. The bottom grunts out in pleasure, as they passionately embrace. Samual sucks on Darrons slender toes, tickling them with his tongue. Darron has big feet that Samual cannot get enough of. Next Darron spreads his legs so Samual can get in even deeper. After Kissing Darrons feet Samual holds out his impressive big black cock and plays with Darron’s ass. He then slides the ram rod inside Darron once more. Dominantly Samual holds onto Darron’s neck while impaling him with erect manhood. The two men hold eye contact while the anal action continues. Darron is taken over with intense sensation that leaves him trembling. Samual drives his dick inside Darron hitting his sweet spot. Samual’s thrusts pick up speed while breeding Darron. Without warning Samual floods Darron’s insides with his man seed. The camera zooms in on Darron’s hole which starts to ooze out white cum onto the futon. After Darrons felches out the load he starts jerking off above Samual’s face. Reaching a verbal orgasm Darron blasts sticky white cum all over Samual’s face. The scene ends with a huge cum facial slathered and dripping from Samual’s smile.

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