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Dominant Archie Stretches Andy’s Hungry Hole

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Studio: BrokeStraightBoys
Release Title: Archie Has Juicy Wet Bareback With Andy

Feast Your Eyes As Two Boys Archie and Andy Heat Up The Futon With Their Insanely Hot Bareback Anal Sex.

The camera pans across the room, to capture Archie and Andy lying together on the futon. The two boys are kissing passionately in just their underwear. They tenderly embrace while making out. Soon Archie lays Andy down on the futon and starts feeling up his crotch. Archie continues to make out with Andy, he starts by kissing down Andy’s toned torso, stopping briefly at his toned abs before continuing down towards his navel. As Archie continues to explore every inch of Andy’s body, he reaches down to remove Andy’s tight white briefs, revealing his rock hard dick. Without wasting any time, Archie immediately proceeds to take Andy’s dick into his mouth, sucking on it like a pro. Archie’s mouth bobs up and down on the stiff rod, causing Andy to let out a series of moans and groans of pleasure. His tongue dances along the length of the pulsing erection, teasing and taunting Andy’s sensitive flesh. Meanwhile, Andy bucks wildly beneath him, desperately trying to fuck his face harder and faster. After a few moments Archie gets up to remove his boxers.

With fire in his eyes Andy hungrily puts Archie’s big dick into his own mouth. As Archie’s long thick dick slides deep down into Andy’s eager throat, both boys gasp. Andy’s lips are stretched wide around the shaft, his nose and chin are buried in Archie’s pubic hair, which tickles the sensitive skin. When Archie’s thick rod slides deeper into Andy’s eager mouth, Andy’s lips stretch around the engorged shaft like a snug glove. Suddenly Andy sits above Archie’s face. The two boys sixty nine position with Archie rimming Andy while he sucks dick. Andy’s tight pink hole gets wetter and more relaxed each time Archie’s tongue presses against the soft flesh. While Archie expertly rims Andy’s juicy asshole, his own hardened cock twitches in anticipation of being inside Andy’s warm wet body.

With one hand on Andy’s backside, guiding him into position, and the other wrapped around his own erect member, Archie slowly begins to enter Andy’s tight anal cavity. Andy moans loudly as Archie’s thickness fills him up completely, stretching him wide open. As Archie impales Andy’s tight ass, we see the young twink’s face contort in ecstasy as moans of pleasure escape from his lips. The camera zooms in on their intense sexual encounter, capturing every thrust and grind. We hear the sound of skin slapping against skin as they move together in perfect sync. Their bodies are covered in a sheen of sweat as they ride out their intense orgasmic release. Archie grunts while their breathing rate increases. Smooth twink Andy turns blush red from taking such a thrashing. Energetic Archie drives his bareback cock inside Andy over and over. The immense pressure against Andy’s G spot is too great so Andy shoots out a sticky white load onto his own pubes. Next Archie pulls out and squirts cum all over Andy’s abs. The boys taste their ejaculate and agree that Archie has sweet tasting cum. The scene comes to an end with both boys sexually satisfied.

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