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Dominant Darron Takes Submissive Eddie’s Bare Ass on Wild Ride.

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Studio: BrokeStraightBoys
Release Title: Darron Pounds Eddie With Big Cock

The scene begins with Darron Bluu and Eddie Church kissing passionately wearing only underwear. Darron has on a ring, and silvery white Calvin Klien boxer briefs. Eddie is wearing dark ash gray Calvin Klein underwear. Their soft lips collide while the makeout session extends. Darron’s hard cock begins protruding through the fabric as he kisses Eddie’s toned chest. Eventually Darron’s wet mouth makes its way down to Eddie’s hairy cock, where he sucks and tugs on it, deepthroating it entirely. Fully nude Eddie leans back and enjoys the blow job from Darron. Sounds of sucking echo around the room while the boys enjoy each other’s hot company. Darron takes Eddie’s entire length down his throat until he gags slightly. Eddie then gets up and grabs hold of Darron’s big dick and puts the shaft in his mouth. Darron slips off his underwear and relaxes while Eddie gives him oral pleasure. Eddie works the hard cock with his moist mouth thoroughly.

Next they two boys get into a sixty nine position with Eddie laying above Darron. Both of their mouths are full to the brim with big dick. Soon Darron begins to rim Eddie’s hairy hole. Eddie moans out while getting the rim job. Darron tongue punches the tight ass and finger probes it with ease. Eddie’s face contorts with pleasure. Suddenly Eddie moves forward and sits on Darron’s big dick. The ram rod goes all the way inside Eddie’s bare ass. Both boys go slow at first while Eddie’s tight anal entrance relaxes. Darron begins thrusting up into Eddie rhythmically.

Eddie bounces up and down riding Darron’s bareback cock with excitement. After a few moments of fucking Eddie lays back and spreads his legs wide. Darron impales Eddie dominantly while also giving him tender kisses on the lips. The camera captures Darron penetrating Eddie with his throbbing erection. Eddie submits to his top and allows full control to be taken over his ass. Darron pulverizes the furry puckered anal entrance with his rigid cock. Groans and moans reverberate around the space. Soon Darron gets close to climax, and pulls out while moaning loudly. Hot sticky white cum ejects from Darron’s big dick all over Eddie’s butt cheek. Eddie jerks off and cums all over his own navel while Darron plays with his ass. The scene ends with both boys sexually relieved.

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