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Happy Endings: Lane Colten & Tristan Hunter – Video

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Tristan Hunter finds that ghost sex with Lane Colten can be the best sex! Supernaturally sensitive Tristan and super-hung spirit Lane have a thrilling flip-fuck, but while satisfying their carnal delights, Tristan puts his relationship with beau Cody Seiya at risk and invites something more sinister into their home.

Tristan ritualistically summons forth Lane and after they in engage playful and romantic foreplay, they get down to intensely pleasurable sex, Lane starting out sucking Tristan. Lane’s presence is quite tangible to Tristan, who’s unaware that Cody is watching and only sees Tristan miming sex. He departs before they really get into it with Tristan fucking Lane then blowing him.

Lane takes over, giving Tristan gasp-worthy pleasure as he plows his hole and tops him on his back. Tristan takes most of Lane’s cock, but takes it ALL when he rides him all the way to cumming over Lane. Without stopping,  Tristan sucks and strokes Lane and milks him dry before lying next to him, contemplating what just happened.

Tristan is blissfully unaware that Cody is disturbed but nothing is mentioned as kinky neighbors Daniel Evans & Sean Xavier pop over for a VERY revealing meet and greet. Something starts to brew between the two couples but the consequences of Tristan’s actions dramatically put THAT on hold.


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