Hazel Hoffman Gets Dicked Down

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Studio: ColbyKnox
Release Title: Calvin Banks Dicks Down Hazel Hoffman

This week’s ColbyKnox update is a flawless pairing. Hazel Hoffman, and his chiseled buns, meets Calvin Banks’ big ol’ nasty tool. The video begins with Hazel making sure Calvin’s cock is wet with spit. “Gag on it,” Calvin whispers, face fucking his scene partner. Hazel’s nose nestles Calvin’s bush. “All the way down and all the way back,” he instructs, filling Hazel’s mouth with dick. As Hazel slobbers, Calvin massages Hazel’s booty. He gets off the sofa, placing his hands and knees on the floor. “Pull your ass out for me,” Calvin says.

Hazel pulls down his shorts. As he sucks Calvin’s rod, Calvin returns to playing with the boy’s hole. He wants as much time as possible to explore Hazel’s ass. So Hazel gets back on the couch. This time without shorts. He’s on his hands and knees and Calvin plunges between the orbs of ass flesh. “Like when I play with your hole,” Calvin wonders, fingering Hazel. He groans at first. “Yeah,” he whispers. Calvin’s tongue, fingers, and rod each get a chance to fill Hazel up. His hog isn’t left unattended because Calvin licks it. When Hazel’s hole is soaked and ready, Calvin stretches it to the max with his bare tool. Once inside, he pounds minus mercy. “I like hearing your balls smack against me when you fuck me,” Hazel mutters. Calvin pulls out for a break and the camera focuses on Hazel’s tight, pretty hole. Calvin just can’t stop eating the narrow opening. “Oh, my God,” he exclaims. “That tastes good.” He also can’t stop deep dicking. The camera catches a perfect view of Calvin’s johnson entering Hazel. “Fuck, yeah,” Hazel whimpers as the tempo picks up. He gets on his side, pulling his muscled thighs together.

Calvin fingers before he re-enters. This time he starts slow, but the strokes remain right to the balls. Calvin leans in and they passionately kiss. He stops fucking so he can suck on Hazel’s hog and nibble on his nipples. “Fuck, yes,” Hazel whispers. Calvin fingers the booty again before returning to hammering. “You want to fuck me missionary,” Hazel asks. He pulls his legs up. The sound of flesh against flesh echoes in the room. “Oh yeah, baby,” Calvin says. “Open up for me. Open up for me. Oh, my God. You take dick so well.” “Pound me,” Hazel pleads. “Just like that.” His special spot has taken a beating and that causes him to shoot a succulent load all over his stomach. Calvin is next, giving Hazel a creamy creampie. After depositing all his jizz, Calvin pulls out, and we see cum coating Hazel’s opening. Such a pretty sight!

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