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Get ready for something new and exciting from the creators of BoyFun! They’ve been keeping us hard with Twink/Teen gay porn content for over 20 years straight, and now they’re back with a new website focused on more mature, but equally horny European hunks (and sometimes Twunks). The site name, Jawked, is a simple yet brilliant combination of jocks and hunks. So let’s dive in and see what this new site has to offer! 


What to expect

The website was launched in February 2021 and with membership, you will get access to over 330 mostly exclusive videos featuring European Twunks, Hunks, older Daddies and everything in between. The great thing about is that most of the videos are exclusive to us, but not all of them! Some videos are actually from BadPuppy Production, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as BadPuppy is also one of the legendary gay porn studios that has been keeping us all hard and horny for the last couple of decades and they are still going strong! While there are plenty of baraback videos, there are also lots of solo videos, which might be a little disappointing for some, especially as the website is still relatively new and the amount of content is limited.


One of the best things about joining a new website with limited content (but with regular and frequent updates) is that there are no vintage videos in poor quality from the stone age. I have to admit that even with limited video quality, some vintage gay porn videos were true masterpieces that are hard to find these days. All exclusive videos from can be downloaded in 4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p and 360p, which is fantastic! However, online streaming is limited to 1080p. The videos that are not exclusive from BadPuppy and BoyFun can be streamed and downloaded up to 1080p, which is great too! The audio and video quality is fantastic, with great lighting and sound, so you won’t miss any important details. 


You can expect new videos to drop in every 3-4 days, so keep your eyes peeled! Please note that not all videos are exclusive. There’s plenty of solo action videos, as we mentioned earlier. Out of the 48 latest videos, 20 of them were solo, but many of them are still absolutely hot with stunning hunks, so there’s definitely nothing wrong with it as we all know that even solo performer can put out a good show for us. 

Website & Membership Area

The website has a light design and is relatively easy to navigate. However, the header search function could be improved, as it currently allows users to search only by model name, with no other search options available. However, a hidden search function can be accessed via the “My Jawked” menu, which provides advanced search functionality. Additionally, there is no photo gallery on a video page or video on a gallery page. However, each video is accompanied by a number of images, which can be accessed separately. The website also enables users to browse models and lists each model’s videos and photo galleries. However, it only provides limited information about each model, with only description information and no biography. It should be noted that some of the information, particularly the dick size, can be somewhat exaggerated. On a positive note, members can rate each video/photo gallery and even the model on a scale between 0 and 100% and can also leave comments on every model/video/gallery page.

Membership Pricing 

30 days membership – $24.95 (Recurring every 30 days until cancelled)
90 days membership – $54.95 (Recurring every 90 days until cancelled)
360 days membership – $149.95 (Recurring every 365 until cancelled)

Bonuses & Extra Perks

With the membership, you will get access to 10 video feeds, which with access to limited videos from other websites such as Paul Morris, High Octane, etc. I’m surprised that some websites are still using this old concept! 

Heads up! 

By joining, you are consenting to receive emails from the website containing updates and promotions. It is noteworthy that there is no cross-sale of memberships to other websites, so the website is not trying to trick you into purchasing another membership somewhere else, which is a big plus here. However, the header menu links in membership area “Live Cams”, “Sex Games” and “Deals” are essentially advertisements for other (paid) websites.

Summary is an amazing new website launched in February 2021 by the creators of BoyFun, offering a fresh focus on more mature European hunks alongside traditional Twunk/Jocks content. With over 330 videos available through membership, the site features a mix of exclusive content and selections from BadPuppy Production. While the site primarily showcases bareback and solo videos, the quality is top-notch, with options to download in various resolutions up to 4K. Updates are frequent, with new videos released every 3-4 days, though a significant portion of recent content is solo performances. Overall, Jawked offers a promising platform for those looking to explore European hunks and Twunk/Jocks content with high-quality visuals and regular updates. Some improvements in search functionality and model information could enhance the user experience, but overall, this is a very good website. 


Extra Perks
Meeting & Breeding The New Boy
Bastian Karim vs Mafia

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