Leo Taking Andrew to Pound Town

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Studio: TreasureIslandMedia
Release Title: Leo X & Andrew Connor

Leo X, the lovely Latino jock, was really excited to get his hands on Andrew Connor, the eager bottom boy. He’d been eyeing him up for weeks, admiring his toned physique and infectious smile.

Tonight, they found themselves alone in Leo’s living room, and the tension between them was really palpable. Leo’s biceps were bulging as he stripped off his shirt, revealing a chest covered in dark hair. Andrew’s eyes followed every move, eager to devour every inch of Leo’s hot body.

Leo smirked as he caught Andrew’s hungry gaze. “You wanna suck my dick, boy?” he asked, his voice low and dirty.

Andrew didn’t hesitate. He fell to his knees, eager to taste Leo’s massive uncut cock. He ran his tongue up the length of Leo’s shaft, savoring the salty taste of his pre-cum.

Leo groaned as Andrew’s lips wrapped around his cock, his eyes closed in pleasure. He held Andrew’s head in place, fucking his mouth with a steady rhythm.

Andrew gagged a little, but he loved every second of it. He wanted nothing more than to be filled up by Leo’s bare, raw dick.

What Next?

I think it's fair to say that Treasure Island Media (Tim Fuck) is the king of gay porn nastiness! If you're into smooth Twinks making gentle and passionate love on camera, you might be a little disappointed because Treasure Island Media is anything but that. However, if you're into really nasty, rough, hardcore gay bareback porn, wild orgies, destroyed holes leaking cum, you won't find a place that does it better than Treasure Island Media! Not quite convinced? Why not check out the Treasure Island Media profile for some more nasty gay porn videos like Leo Taking Andrew to Pound Town?

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