Long Distance Lovers

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Sexy, Sebastian Cruz, and adorable newbie, Easton Gray, are in a long-distance relationship; and, FaceTime just isn’t enough. So, Easton decides he’ll take the 10-hour drive, and surprise his boy with an up-close, and personal, porn-perfect surprise visit! After Easton’s excited knock at the door, the too-cute twosome jump into one another’s arms, finally able to physically feel their cock stiffening connection in person. As the couple kiss, the chemistry is clear and tosses their clothes to the floor. Cruz’s underwear can barely contain his rock hard excitement, and Gray gobbles it up, like a starving super slut.

Once he comes up for air, swarthy Sebastian pushes the pretty boy onto the bed, kisses his way to his protruding package, and then makes up for a lost time, with a lip-smacking, sloppy-good, suck session. He continues his “thank you for driving all this way” appreciation with an epic ass eating that sends Easton over the edge. The sultry, sucking soundtrack Sebastian provides while doing these dirty deeds is definitely delicious. But, now it’s time to fuck. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. It also makes this flip fuck a fantastic feast of ass banging, cock stroking sex, that sets the screen a blaze! After riding Cruz’s king-sized cock, Gray gives it back to his beautiful, bronze bf’s bangin’ booty like a hungry butt hungry boy beast! Sebastian’s golden body glistens with succulent, sex sweat as his spunk spews all over that smooth, taut torso. Then, Easton absolutely explodes, nailing his hung hottie with a nasty load of nut, nearly all the way up to his neck! Sebastian tosses his head back in ecstasy, rubs the raw seed around his sexy stomach, and kisses his long-distance lover like he should be kissed. We can say, these boys are definitely more than made up for a lost time!


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