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Studio: MenoBoy

Even Canaillou was always an active young man, so it was no surprise when he decided to go for a morning jog in the park. He was enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and the sound of the birds, until he noticed someone else in the park. That someone was Mathieu de Lyon, a handsome, muscular man with a devilish glint in his eye.

Canaillou couldn’t take his eyes off of him and his heart started racing when Mathieu approached him. Before he could say anything, Mathieu had already started to kiss him passionately. Canaillou could feel his body melting under Mathieu’s touch, and he knew he wanted more.
Mathieu took Canaillou to a nearby secluded spot in the park, and before long they were both completely naked. Mathieu took control and started to explore Canaillou’s body, teasing and tantalizing him until Canaillou couldn’t take it anymore. Mathieu then proceeded to fuck him bareback, taking Canaillou to heights of pleasure he had never experienced before.

The experience was so intense that Canaillou could barely stand up afterwards, but he knew that he would never forget this magical encounter with Mathieu de Lyon.

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