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Naughty Twinks John Crawford and Tim Gottfrid

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Studio name: BoyFun

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It’s no secret that guys prefer the warmer days of summer, when guys can be seen shirtless and with their balls tucked into baggy shorts. What many don’t know, however, is that even the cold winter season can lead to exciting encounters – just check out this BoyFun scene between John Crawford and Tim Gottfried.

These two hot twins hit it off right away, starting with passionate kisses on the couch before undressing each other and revealing their gorgeous bulges. Even from a distance you can see that both guys are well rounded, which makes them even more attractive!

Tim wastes no time exploring his friend’s delicious hole, his mouth creating an impressive display of lubrication before he focuses on John’s tight hole. His body easily welcomed Tim’s curvy boner – apart from the pleasure it brought him, there was something quite special about being taken by someone as well built as himself.

John knew he wasn’t done yet, and soon found himself lying on his back as she came hard against him. Tim, meanwhile, raised his hands to stroke his own beautiful member, glistening with precum as he neared orgasm, until finally he poured hot streams of semen over John’s smooth body.

The end of the scene couldn’t have been more perfect – with their still wet skin bouncing off each other, they shared a few tender kisses before going their separate ways; two naughty young boys who had experienced pure bliss together in each other’s arms.

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