Ready for a Promotion?

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Drew Dixon, 2022 Grabbys Europe “Best Fetish Pornstar” Winner and Service Director at a luxury car dealership, has just confirmed with a top client that his car will be ready tomorrow. He walks down to the shop to let the mechanic, Justin Jett, know this and ensure that everything will be fine.

However, it looks like Justin forgot to update the service computer system, and the car will not be ready on time. Clearly, this misstep gets Drew mad but not for too long as he’s quite fond of the blue-collar Mexican stud in blue coveralls.

Drew has a thought. Why get mad when you can play?! Perhaps with a little TLC, the pretty-faced muscular stud could be an asset in the marketing department. All Justin needs to do is be obedient and satisfy his slutty power-bottom boss. Is Justin ready for a promotion? After the raw fucking he gives Drew, he starts on Monday.

Ready for a Promotion? is another hot scene from MenAtPlay that can easily fulfill your fantasies of having hot sex with a muscular sexy boss or a horny hunk intern in a fancy suit. MenAtPlay offers hundreds of hot gay porn scenes with stylish twists, and while all these male interns and bosses may look luxurious in their fancy tuxedos, they won't hesitate to fuck bareback while at work. 

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