Stealthy Yoga Flip Fuck

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Studio: ColbyKnox
Release Title: Stealthy Yoga Flip Fuck

Benvi and Jordan Starr are lucky students in Colby Chambers’ yoga class. We only hear his voice (his back is to the camera). However, Jordan and Benvi sit cross-legged, facing their teacher. Colby leads them through initial poses. By the time he gets to the tree pose, Benvi checks Jordan out. During this meditative moment, Benvi decides he needs a close inspection of Jordan’s package. He gets on his knees and slides over. Jordan is happily surprised; his tool stands at attention after his shorts are pulled down. Benvi swallows the meat, lapping the underside. Jordan looks in Colby’s direction but he’s not paying attention. Must be in his own space. 🙂 Jordan removes a blue tank top. Benvi follows suit by taking off his black one. There are a few attempts to reach Jordan’s base but a half inch remains free from Benvi’s mouth. He makes up for that by licking Jordan’s balls. He reaches down, playing with Benvi’s hole. They get the exercise ball and lose their shorts. Benvi leans on the ball and Jordan gets behind him, licking his hole.

It takes a lot of effort for Benvi not to cry out in pleasure. He silently encourages Jordan to keep doing exactly what he’s doing. He snacks on that cake, leaving the ass crack sopping. “Oh, yeah,” Benvi whispers. After placing two gentle kisses on that sweet bum, Jordan pulls up. He slowly enters Benvi. Once inside, Jordan hammers home. “Fuck, yeah,” he mutters. Benvi’s moans get louder. “Damn, dude,” he groans. He reaches back, pulling a cheek. Jordan leans in to kiss Benvi’s neck. He grabs the ball and pushes back on Jordan, giving his yoga partner a respite. 🙂 The camera gives a view of the pair through Colby’s legs. He’s still in a tree pose, searching for spiritual fulfillment. 🙂 Jordan retakes control of the wheel (so to speak). The fucking gets faster. If you’re going to give dick, there’s nothing wrong with taking it. 🙂 Benvi sits on the ball with Jordan straddling him. He guides Benvi’s staff until it disappears. Once settled, Jordan goes up and down. The studs switch things up, Jordan leans on the ball (his knees on the floor) and Benvi puts his face between those round butt cheeks, snacking on the man hole. He spits on his rod and re-enters. Jordan holds on, whimpering with each stroke. Don’t misunderstand the sobbing. Look at Jordan’s johnson.

It’s parallel to his stomach and the floor. His prostate is getting rammed right. They decide it’s time for Benvi to be fucked one more time. This time he gets on the floor, pulling his legs to his chest. When Jordan returns to deep diving, Benvi strokes his meat. “Just like that,” he whispers. His eyes roll back. “I’m going to come,” Benvi calls out. “Yeah. Fucking shoot that load,” Jordan replies. The first stream of man milk hits the top of Benvi’s chest. The rest sprays his stomach. Jordan continues to rearrange Benvi’s guts. He turns over, on his stomach. That plump ass awaits Jordan’s return. Benvi grabs the yoga mat as Jordan drives down. “Fucking come for me,” Benvi begs. “Come in me.” Jordan pulls out, dumping a load on Benvi’s lower back. He reinserts his staff, depositing more seed inside Benvi. After calming down, they realize Colby is about to come out of his spiritual reverie. The studs quickly dress. Notice how Jordan’s cock sticks out from his shorts 🙂 “You all look different,” Colby says, after turning around. “You look like you’re ready to go back to your lives at peace.” Benvi and Jordan smile and nod. Maybe in the next session, a certain instructor will pay more attention to what his charges are doing? 🙂

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