Taking Newbie Daniel For Test Drive

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Studio: ColbyKnox
Release Title: Meet Daniel Evans

Mickey Knox gets another chance to “test drive” a ColbyKnox newcomer. Say hello to Dan Evans, this week’s sexy new “ride”. “Isn’t he fucking beautiful,” Mickey says to the audience. “Oh, my God. Look at this guy.” Hard to argue with that assessment 🙂 Everything starts off perfectly with them kissing. Both hotties are wearing shorts and are lying on the studio bed. Mickey turns his attention to Dan’s chest. As for Dan, he can’t help but give Mickey’s bottom a playful slap. Dan’s tool is ready to burst through his shorts; Mickey solves the problem by removing it. “I know what I want to play with,” he exclaims. “That big old dick.” Mickey’s shorts are also tossed aside. He kisses his way down Dan’s chest and stomach, stopping to devour the rigid rod. “Fuck. That feels so good,” Dan whispers. Mickey tongues him from tip to root. “You’re so good at this,” Dan observes as Mickey comes up for air. As his tool is sucked, Dan’s fingers play with Mickey’s tight little ass. Mickey rolls over on his stomach so Dan can lick his hairy hole. His whole face is between those firm cheeks.

He takes a few moments to lick Mickey’s rock hard tool. “You taste fucking great,” Dan remarks. He slaps a bun as his tongue makes Mickey wet. “I could eat you all fucking day, but I think I need to get inside you,” Dan says. “Don’t deny me that dick,” Mickey replies. After lubricating, Dan carefully mounts Mickey. Naked and straight to the balls. After giving Mickey a chance to get used to the size of his wood, Dan hammers home. “Fucking give it to me,” Mickey begs. Dan does and Mickey whimpers loudly. As he penetrates Mickey’s insides, Dan leans down for a passionate kiss. “You take it so well,” he explains. Mickey gets on his hands and knees. “Stick your fat cock in me,” he cries. He turns over. On his back. As Dan enters again, Mickey moans with pleasure. Dan hits deep, hard and steady. He pauses to lick Mickey’s pole. “Can’t waste that pre-cum,” Dan explains. What’s that classic saying: waste not, want not? 🙂 Dan folds Mickey in half and drills down. When Mickey cries out, Dan covers him with kisses. “Fucking pin me down,” Mickey pleads. “Fuck. You’re so deep.” It’s time for Mickey to do some riding. Dan gets on his back and Mickey sits on the rigid tool. As he goes up and down, Dan holds Mickey’s flesh. He takes back control by grabbing Mickey’s hips and fucking him (in a good way).

All the bucking and riding causes Mickey to shoot streams of cum that land on Dan’s face and chest. Mickey scoops up some of the juice to taste and remains impaled on the Johnson. Dan comes next, kneeling over Mickey’s outstretched tongue. His load lands directly on Mickey’s mouth. He swallows Dan’s dick and licks it clean of any remaining man-milk. After some sloppy kissing, Dan asks a very important question. “When’s round two?” Stay where you are as Mickey interviews Dan. The Ohio lad is 24 (he has a birthday coming up). He started working as an adult when he was 20. One of Dan’s interests is wine. Makes sense, given Ohio’s vibrant wine history. He and Mickey talk about the erotic dynamics of watching a partner get it on with someone else. They also make plans for a possible upcoming scene. “Welcome to ColbyKnox, Dan!

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