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Taking Turns on Cumdump Eddie Patrick

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Studio: CarnalPlus

Eddie’s heart raced as he was surrounded by the hot, kinky bodies of four masculine hunks. He couldn’t believe he was actually here, being used as a cumdump by each of them. But as he felt their hard cocks press against his tight hole, his mind went blank. The tall blonde Nick Woods grabbed hold of Eddie’s beautiful ass and really pounded away at it, putting a huge smile across the muscular bottom’s face.

Ethan Tate’s cock was next to invade, and he used the curvature in his massive tool to grind the cum into Eddie’s freshly lubricated prostate. Eddie moaned in pleasure as the expert bottomer worked his way up and down, massaging the sensitive spots deep within.

Oliver Carter’s thick cock glided in and out of the freshly used hole. Eddie’s sphincter slightly tightened, but then he relaxed, wanting to take every inch of Oliver’s length. With every thrust, Eddie felt himself getting closer to the edge, the sensation of being fucked by four muscular twinks too much to bear.

Adam Snow was last in line, and his enormous cock disappeared into the used hole. Eddie let out a shocked expression, but quickly got over it as the DILF’s big balls weighted down on his puckering entrance. Adam longdicked the trio of twinks, shooting his load out into a rushing river of cum.

Eddie’s body shook as he felt every twink’s seed spill inside him, the sensation of being filled with cum overwhelming him. As the last of the cum was deposited, the hot twinks pulled out and collapsed on the bed, spent. Eddie lay there, still trembling with pleasure, his body covered in a thick, gooey mess.

Eddie’s mind raced, reliving every moment of this mind-blowing, kinky fuck. He had never felt so alive, so fulfilled. The four twinks had fulfilled his deepest, darkest desires, leaving him with a craving for more.

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