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That Summer

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At first, Carter and Ryder were determined to keep an appropriate professional distance between them. But as the summer stretched on and the two worked alongside each other, they began to discover just how much they had in common. Both of them had a deep-seated love for the land, sharing a passion for animals, plants and all things outdoors. They could talk for hours about their dreams for the future – Carter’s plans to expand his ranch and Ryder’s hopes for a career that would take him away from the big city.

But more than anything else, it was their growing friendship that made each day special. As the two opened up to one another about their individual struggles, they soon realized that what united them was greater than what separated them – including their sexual identities. In this newfound acceptance of each other and themselves, a powerful attraction blossomed between them that neither wanted to ignore or deny. Soon enough, sparks flew both inside and outside of the barn as Ryder and Carter embarked on an unexpected journey of love in the country air.

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