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The CockyBoy Sexfest: An Epic Reunion of Six Hot Stars

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Studio: CockyBoys

They say that happy ever afters don’t exist, but they do – and they look like this! Take six of the hottest stars in gay porn and throw them together for a one-of-a-kind fourgy that turns into a sensually charged six-man orgy – the first at CockyBoys in over six years. We’re talking about Cody Seiya, Greyson Myles, Lane Colten, Trevor Brooks, Tristan Hunter and Shae Reynolds all under one roof.

The story follows Tristan & Cody as they explore the house and its secret history before discovering the ultimate lesson learned by Shae/The Lamb. But when it’s time to wrap up this journey of found friendship, self-acceptance, open love and suffered loss and redemption, The Lamb appears to join Tristan & Cody in a naughty three-way. That’s when the real fun begins – because soon enough Greyson, Lane, Trevor & Shae are reunited too!

Picture an epic orgy ballet with sheer pleasure radiating from every direction – hot oral action, mid-air fucking and more! This is as naughty as it gets; a time-spanning tale of friends becoming lovers where everybody walks away feeling satisfied. So make sure you get your popcorn ready for this extra-length Sexfest – it’ll be an experience you won’t forget for a long time!

What next?

Just watched The CockyBoy Sexfest: An Epic Reunion of Six Hot Stars? If you liked it, then you already know why CockyBoys is one of the best gay porn studios out there! And this was just a taste of what CockyBoys has to offer. Now imagine you could watch close to 1,400 exclusive videos just like this one! Could you handle all that heat? Check out the CockyBoys profile to find more videos, trailers and photosets! Or, if you're looking for a deeper dive into their unique style, check out our full review of CockyBoys.


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