Use my hole, Romeo.

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Romeo was barely able to contain his excitement as Rio entered the room. He had dreamed of this moment for so long, and now it was finally here. His smooth twink hole was ready and wet for Rio’s big, uncut cock, just begging to be filled with pleasure.

Rio wasted no time in pulling out his monster of a cock and quickly letting Romeo service it before lifting him up onto his lap and pushing it inside. Romeo moaned out in pleasure as he felt every inch of it filling his tight hole, desperate for more.

When Rio pushed him down into doggy style position, Romeo knew there was no turning back – he was completely at Rio’s mercy as the passionate thrusts began to quicken. With each powerful thrust, tender kisses were placed on the back of Romeo’s neck until both men were too overcome with pleasure to resist any longer. As Rio erupted inside of Romeo’s tight hole, waves of pleasure coursed through both their bodies until they collapsed in exhaustion – Romeo transformed from a cute twink into a used and satisfied man after being taken by Rio’s huge load.

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