Welcoming New Neighborhood Boy

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Studio: BoyFun
Release Title: New Neighbor Boy Fucked Raw

When someone new moves in next door, it’s only polite to introduce yourself and help them feel at home, especially when that new arrival happens to be a gorgeous BoyFun twink like Jamie Kelvin. Liam Holland is the perfect new neighbour. He’s friendly, welcoming and soon has the new arrival in his flat for a coffee and a chat. Of course, with boys like these, the coffee and chat can wait until they’ve sucked each other’s tasty dicks and squirted some fresh cum together. You’d expect Liam to make the first move, but it seems Jamie is the one who’s really looking to make new friends and he’s soon locking lips with his new mate as they explore each other’s hot bodies and get undressed. Liam has made the right choice in inviting him into his bedroom. In moments the two smooth young lads are swapping hard penises, delivering some tasty licks and laps, sucking each other’s meaty cocks. It’s a delicious sight and certainly beats a cup of coffee, but with some licking of Jamie’s delicious little hole the two are soon ready for an afternoon treat that goes beyond dick tasting.

Sexy Liam is happy to welcome his new neighbour with his raw and throbbing erection, plunging his cock in from behind, parting his cheeks with his friendly muscle as his balls bounce and slap against Jamie’s taint. A thorough ride while Jamie whacks his own gorgeous cock takes these new friends to their final thrusts, which are delivered with smooth and fit Jamie on his back and pumping his penis in his experienced grip, savouring every thrust his new buddy delivers to his tender pucker. With his button well and truly pushed, Jamie shoots his juice dick cream all over himself in epic style, encouraging Liam to pull out and head north to douse the boy with his own powerful spurts of cum. I think we all know where Jamie will be spending a lot of his time once he’s settled in.

What Next?

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