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A Sneaky Fuck With A New Bottom

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Studio: BlakeMason

Roman has been feeling a little neglected lately. His friend Justin was often out late and claimed he was just hanging out with his friends. Even though Roman knew that Justin was faithful to him, he had a feeling that something else was going on.
He was right. One night, Justin snuck out with his old friend Wolf. They both headed to an old warehouse and soon Roman heard the sounds of their passionate sex from inside. Sunlight streamed in through the window, illuminating them as they explored each other’s bodies. Justin and Wolf were not shy as they took turns swallowing each other’s large penises. The pleasure was too much and soon Wolf was sliding into Justin. His thrusts were hard and violent and Justin screamed with pleasure as Wolf penetrated deeper and deeper.
Eventually they both ended up in a mess of cum and Justin knew it was time to take Wolf home to Roman.

Roman was a little angry at first, but more relieved that Justin was safe and sound. Plus, he was pleased to see Justin’s sexual confidence and skills. In the end, Roman was glad he had missed the action – it left him wanting more.

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