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Reviewed: Feb 17, 2023. 

If you are a fan of British men with big uncut cocks, then you won’t want to miss out on the hot action that is happening at Blake Mason. This site is one of the most successful British gay porn sites and has an impressive selection of sexy young men in their late teens to early twenties. These guys range from the gay porn virgin to experienced guys who enjoy having hardcore sex on camera. You’ll find plenty of new faces cropping up all the time and with the site updating regularly on a Sunday, you can always be sure to find something new.

About Blake Mason:

Blake Mason is one of the most successful British gay porn sites created in 2005 and winning many awards and the site has set the standard for amateur British men in gay porn. The site has recently added bareback videos to its library, making it a must-visit for anyone looking for high-quality content from across the pond. With award-winning videos available to stream or download, Blake Mason offers a wide range of content that is sure to please even the most discerning viewers. From solo masturbation scenes to intense hardcore action, there’s something for everyone on Blake Mason to choose from. 

Guys of Blake Mason: 

On Blake Mason, you‘ll find all types of guys, from British to European and American, with a variety of body types, ranging from slender to muscular. While some have welldefined abs, most look natural, without the exaggerated muscular physiques you usually find in porn. You‘ll find smooth guys, but also those with some chest hair, and some with a bit of facial scruff, although full beards and moustaches are rare. Many of the performers are new to the adult industry, and some have only done a handful of videos, while others are regulars, appearing in as many as 20+ videos.
There are also some performers that have become porn stars after appearing on Blake Mason, such as Matt Hughes, who has appeared in 39 videos. Most of the action takes place in bedrooms and living rooms, with the occasional outdoor scene or in abandoned buildings.

What to Expect: 

You can expect to find a variety of fresh faces, guys who either are new to adult videos or just starting out in the business. The performers vary in body types, from slender to muscular and some have hairy chests, while others are smooth. Most of the performers are British, with some hailing from other parts of Europe or the United States. Many of the performers come back to Blake Mason multiple times, some having made 20+ videos or more.
The videos usually take place in a bedroom or living room and the action usually consists of duos, but there are a few threesomes and group scenes as well. The performers engage in passionate kissing, oral sex, face fucking, rimming, and butt fucking, and finish by shooting their loads wherever they fly.
Blake Mason was hesitant to make gay bareback videos for a long time, but some of the newest videos are bareback and there are now 13 videos that are tagged as such. There are also some solo videos, as some performers are more comfortable jerking off for the camera.

Content & Updates: 

Blake Mason is one of the leading gay porn websites out there, offering a wide array of content that is sure to satisfy any viewer. With close to 1,700 exclusive videos in MP4 format, viewers can choose from plenty of action videos and some solo videos. 
The videos are available in two to four different sizes – the newer videos being offered in 1920×1080 at good quality, plus three smaller sizes, and the oldest videos being offered in 640×480, plus one smaller size. The videos on Blake Mason also feature good lighting and sound, and are available for streaming or download in two to four resolutions, depending on the age of the video.
As for images, newer episodes offer good to very good quality digital stills sized at 663×1000 or equally good quality screencaps sized at 1000×663. Older episodes come with screencaps sized at 520×400 at good quality to 1000×731 at average quality.
In terms of updates, Blake Mason has added close to 100 updates in the last 12 months, but close to one third of the updates are solo interviews and some of them are completely without sex scene, but recent addition of bareback gay scenes is a huge plus. 

Membership Area: 

Blake Mason membership area offers an abundance of content for its paid members. The design is light and easy to navigate with a range of filter options that allow users to sort videos according to their preferences. The categories and models listed also offer users more control over what content they want to see.

There is an impressive selection of 1,647 videos that can be downloaded in medium or high quality, or even in 720p and 1080p. Additionally, there are trailers for upcoming scenes and 46 hot videos from the BlakeMason: AfterHours series that can be watched for free.
However, the website also has a few ads. The membership comes with 120 credits that could be spent on live cams and you cannot out from them when you sign up and more credits would require an extra payment. There is also a DVD section which redirects to an external adult DVD store with a discount, aHook Up link that also redirects to an external website that isnt free, and aDiscounts link that promotes other paid websites with discounts.
Overall, the membership area provides an abundance of content for its paid members, with a range of filter options and impressive download quality. The ads are worth noting, but do not detract from the overall experience.


Free Taste of Blake Mason:

I understand that words are just words and may reflect my personal view, and while I always try to keep my reviews objective, you don’t have to take my word for it, or you can be more a visual type of person. In that case, you can check out Blake Mason’s profile on our website where you can find all the Blake Mason’s latest photos, videos and more. 

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Heads Up! 

Before signing up for Blake Mason, you should be aware of a few issues. Firstly, there is a prechecked offer on the billing page that may be difficult to spot and you may be charged extra money  for a membership on another site you may not be interested in. This is a common practice on many adult websites called cross-sale, but it is easy to uncheck if you‘re not interested.
, trial members can only view up to five videos, and only two of those can be new releases and a full membership is required if you want access to more content.
ly, there are two rows of large thumbs of guys under the words Live Cams on the members homepage and video listing pages. These are ads for a livecam site and not included in your membership. Finally, there are four additional ads on the members menus Live Cams, DVD, Hookup and Discounts. 

Final Thoughts:

Blake Mason is one of the most successful British gay porn sites, offering a wide range of content from solo masturbation to intense hardcore action. With award-winning videos available to stream or download, Blake Mason offers a diverse library of videos featuring a variety of body types and performers from all around the world. The site has recently added bareback videos to its library, making it a must-visit for anyone looking for high-quality content from across the pond. Whether your preference is solo or group action, there’s something for everyone on Blake Mason, especially if you like young & horny British lads full of cum willing to share. 


Final Score of Blake Mason:
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