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Andolini’s New British Friend

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Studio: Andolini
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In this episode, Andolini introduces us to his new friend Britistwunk. The two men quickly discover each other’s vices, which leads to a sensual and powerful chemistry between them. This episode marks the start of some great adventures to come! This first meeting took place in Lyon, where the handsome Brit was passing through on his way to the Alps for a mountain hike. On that sunny day, Andolini had taken his touring bike out of the garage to enjoy the weekend sunshine.

While out cycling, Andolini happened to find himself in the middle of a group of Englishmen who were also out cycling. Andolini immediately spotted Britistwunk in his white, red and black tights. Andolini starts the conversation in broken, if not incomprehensible, English. Luckily, Britistwunk is amused and takes the time to listen to Andolini, and before long, they’re invited to Andolini’s place to take their new friendship to the next level.

What Next?

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