CiteBeur Review.

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Initially Reviewed: Feb 24, 2023. 

About CiteBeur

Citebeur is an exclusive gay porn site that’s all about interracial sex between Arab men and French boys. This unique site is part of the Studio Presse network and shows you what happens when two very different cultures come together and share love of dicks. With a mix of Arab, French, and other European performers, Citebeur offers up a variety of hot interracial action. You’ll find lots of hardcore sex and solo masturbation scenes featuring guys from their twenties to early thirties, with body types ranging from slender to muscular. The action is kinky and intense and full of surprises; expect to see balaclavas, hoods, and European guys with (big) uncut cocks. There are also outdoor and locker room sex scenes and plenty of bareback fucking. Come explore the dark and raw world of Citebeur and experience interracial gay porn like never before! 

Guys of CiteBeur:

France is a country of great cultural diversity, and this is reflected in CiteBeur. The performers come from a range of backgrounds, predominantly from various Middle Eastern countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, as well as French, European and Russian guys. This diversity is due to the large number of immigrants who have settled in France, particularly in the past few decades. As a result, the country is now home to a large and vibrant Arab population, which is well represented in CiteBeur. This diversity is not only seen in the range of performers, but also in the variety of sex acts portrayed in the films, from solo masturbation scenes to threesomes. There is also a wide range of body types, from slender to muscular, and smooth to hairy. The action often features interracial sex, as well as some bareback sex, and the scenes often take place in outdoor and locker room settings, warehouses, basements, stairwells, and parking garages. This diversity of backgrounds and sex acts reflects the rich culture and sexual expression of France.

What to Expect: 

CiteBeur is a unique gay porn website compared to many of the other premium porn websites out there. CiteBeur is part of a larger network of gay porntheatres” and members can purchase tickets to watch specific videos from any network – currently there is 39 different theatres to choose from with over 26,000 videos available in total. These theatres include studios you may already know, such as legendary French gay porn producer Cadinot, German Cazzo Films and many more.
iteBeur is a great resource for anyone looking for a wide variety of gay porn, it currently offers around 1,200 exclusive videos, many of them (especially more recent ones) are bareback.  The tickets to watch videos can become quite pricey, however. Each scene requires at least 2 tickets, with the more hardcore scenes requiring up to 10 tickets (more about that in Membership & Pricing below), the videos are in decent quality but they are not in ultra HD. 

Each scene usually includes 12 pictures, short description and photos of actors involved, which are linked to their profiles with more information and scenes about them (which are not limited to one theatre, but also if they made a scene for a different scene, it will be there as well. This is great if you become a fan of someone, so you can easily find all his videos within the network of all theatres. 


Updates & Extra Perks: 

When it comes to updates and extra perks, this site certainly does not disappoint! The network claims to add around 120 new updates every month, and with over 26,000 videos already available, this is quite an impressive feat. What‘s even more impressive is that with tickets or unlimited plan, you have access to all the theatres within the network, so you‘re sure to find something new to watch every day. With so many updates, you‘ll never be stuck for something to watch.
In fact, there are 14 Interracial and Ethical theatres, 21 theatres with French porn, 18 Hardcore & Fetish theatres, 20 theatres with Hunks and Alphas, and finally 18 theatres with Twinks, so as you can see… there is way too much porn to watch. 

Membership Pricing: 

You can go with tickets, which can be purchased from €5 for 5 tickets (solo scene is usually at least 2 tickets, hardcore scene 7-10), or with unlimited access plan for €59.95, which gives you an unlimited access (without downloads) to all videos within the network for 30 days. It may sound pricy, but compared to tickets or subscribing to individual performers on OF/JFF, this is a decent deal, especially if you are into lots of porn… (like me, but I’m a dirty pervert… so don’t mind me).  

The cheapest option to buy tickets is to buy 100 for50, the most expensive option is to buy 5 tickets for €5 and this can add up quickly and become ridiculously expensive if you are not careful, so its important to consider whether its worth the cost before purchasing.
Alternatively and as I wrote above, CiteBeur also offers an unlimited pass for59.95, which gives its holder access to all videos within the network for 30 days. While it may seem pricy, its a great option for those who watch a lot of porn… (and yes, I’m looking at you, dirty perverts).
However, it should be noted that the videos are only available for streaming, so if you want to download them, youll need to buy tickets even with the unlimited access.

Heads Up!

Before signing up to CiteBeur, there are a few things you should know. Firstly, the tickets to watch videos can become quite pricey, so it’s important to consider whether it’s worth the cost before purchasing. Secondly, CiteBeur only offers streaming and not downloads, so if you want to download any of the videos, you’ll need to buy tickets even with the unlimited access. 
On the other hand, unlike many other websites, there is no hidden pre-checked cross-sale, which is a big plus.  

Free CiteBeur Gay Porn

If you want to get a better perspective of what you can expect from Cite Beur membership, check out CiteBeur’s profile on our website with the latest free photos and videos. 

Final Thoughts: 

Overall, CiteBeur is an amazing site that delivers some of the hottest interracial gay porn on the web. The diversity of actors, sex acts and settings makes this site an absolute mustsee for anyone looking for something a little different. The network also offers a great selection of hardcore and fetish porn, as well as some great solo scenes. The only downside is the cost of tickets and the limited availability of downloads, but if you‘re willing to part with a few extra bucks then it‘s definitely worth it. In conclusion, CiteBeur is an amazing site for anyone who loves interracial and ethically diverse gay porn. With its huge selection of videos and frequent updates, this site is sure to satisfy all your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets (or unlimited access pass) and get ready to explore the exciting and dark world of CiteBeur along with many other theatres. 


Final Review of CiteBeur
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