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Lane Knows How To Get Greyson’s Prostate on Fire

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Studio: CockyBoys

Greyson and Lane are two lonely, lost young men who find solace in each other’s arms in the beguiling house at the heart of Jake Jaxson’s HAPPY ENDINGS saga. They explore their hidden desires through passionate, liberating sex under the watchful eyes of Shae Reynolds, making his debut as a character VERY familiar to viewers of ANSWERED PRAYERS!

Greyson and Lane can’t resist exploring each other and they indulge in some wild kinky play when no one is watching. But when they’re together by day they open up to each other emotionally and soon realise there is something more to their connection than just sex. Greyson is amazed at how on fire Lane makes him feel and he can’t get enough of it – so he eagerly devours every inch of Lane’s huge cock and lets out an ecstatic moan as the pleasure builds inside him.

Lane flips Greyson onto his front and ties him up with silk scarves, taking control as he slowly rubs his body down with oil – teasing out moans from Greyson that become louder and more urgent with every touch. Greyson revelling in the sensations, begging for more as Lane steadily increases the intensity until finally giving him what he craves. The pleasure is too much for them both as a tidal wave of orgasmic bliss overcomes them both, allowing Greyson to come undone beneath Lane’s touch then return the favor with some passionate lovemaking that takes them both to heights they’ve never experienced before.

Greyson confesses that what he needs most right now is exactly this – someone that he can be himself around without judgment or fear. He finds himself getting lost in Lane’s embrace as they continue their carnal night together – exploring new heights of passion that take them deep into uncharted territory. As dawn apporaches they lay together in bed feeling totally contented and secure within each other’s embrace, knowing that this time it isn’t just sex but something much more meaningful – a true connection between two kindred souls that will last forever.

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