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Blonde Couple vs. Andolini

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Studio: Andolini

Join Andolini’s latest exciting adventure in Paris available in 3 hot parts. This episode shows you how FitFrench, who hadn’t seen his friend Andolini for a long time, organizes a surprise for him at his home while he is in Paris. Andolini had told his FitFrench that he would soon be in Paris, FitFrench immediately saw an opportunity to give him an unforgettable surprise. FitFrench then organized a BlondBig game at his place without telling him that Andolini was visiting. Once BlondBig was comfortable with his stiff piece in his mouth, FitFrench invited Andolini to join them.

What Next?

Are you ready to dive deep into the world of raw, hardcore French gay porn with Andolini (AndoliniXXL)? This tall, hairy French stud with a massive dick is on a mission to fuck horny guys raw and rough with no mercy until they are dripping his seeds out! If you're ready for some real excitement, head over to Andolini's profile and subscribe to his updates. You won't be disappointed!

We've got a little secret for you! AndoliniXXL is part of the amazing Studio Presse, which means you get access to all of AndoliniXXL's incredible content, plus thousands of other videos from studios like CiteBeur, MenoBoys, and many more! If you want to know more, check out our CiteBeur Review!


I like your look. You like my creampies
River's Submission: A Muscle Daddy's Delight

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