First Day With New Recruit

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Studio: MenoBoy

When a daring young fireman reported to his new post, he was met with a stern-looking chief who demanded the utmost respect. But the rookie had no idea what he was in for. Little did he know, his chief had other plans for him, and it didn’t involve fighting fires. The chief wanted to take him to the local tire yard and show him who really was in charge.

The chief began to undress himself, revealing his muscular body and commanding demeanor. He then began to undress the rookie, taking his time to enjoy the view and savor the anticipation. When the rookie was finally naked, the chief pushed him down onto the ground and took his pleasure. The chief positioned himself and began to thrust deep into the rookie’s tight hole, exploring every inch of him and enjoying the sensation of the young man’s tightness.

The young fireman was humiliated yet aroused by the experience, the chief’s power and strength overpowering him. The chief continued to thrust harder and harder, pushing the rookie’s limits until he finally reached his climax. The rookie had no choice but to submit to his chief, and in doing so, he discovered a newfound pleasure. This experience in the tire yard would not be the last time the fireman rookie would give into his chief’s desires.

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