Mathieu’s Addiction For Hungry Holes

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Studio: CiteBeur

French Bearded Mathieu has to face the truth : he can’t spend a day without putting his big cock in an ass. He can’t help it: he is controlled by his big dick and every day he feels that he is full of cum and that he has to evacuate everything. It’s out of the question to do it alone: when you’re a handsome guy like him, you take advantage of it and you quickly meet up with a sub who’s just asking to worship. Mathieu rushes to the parking lot, takes out his dick, lets the bottom of the day suck him for a minute and goes straight in his ass. He won’t stop fucking that hole until he feels the milk is coming. Then he puts his powerful hand on the head of the hooded sub and shoot his loads on his face. And he leaves. Tomorrow he’ll do it again.

What next?

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