Bareback Hairy

Lane is just a hole for his top today…

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Studio: GuysInSweatPants

Lane is one of the hungriest vers boys around and he loves nothing more than getting a good pounding. This weekend, he and his top were all over each other, trading passionate kisses in anticipation of the wild night ahead.

When they finally got down to business and climbed into bed, they both knew what was coming next: pure pleasure with no holds barred. Lane was eager to take control and let his top take him for a ride. His top knew exactly what he wanted, delivering powerful thrusts that rocked Lane from side to side and sent shivers of delight through his body. Every now and then, his top would reach back to massage his balls for added sensation – something that drove the hungry bottom wild with desire.

The moral of their fiery story? If you want to make Lane happy, give him everything he’s asking for: ravish him until your very last drop has been drained out of him before unloading yours all over or inside him. Now that’s how you do it!


What Next?

We hope you loved Lane is just a hole for his top today…! If you're looking for more hot and raw bareback action, you're in for a treat with Guys in Sweatpants. Austin Wilde and his crew have been bringing us some of the hottest gay porn around for over almost ten years now. If you loved Lane is just a hole for his top today…, why not check out Guys in Sweatpants's profile to see what other wild adventures they have in store? Or, if you want to learn more about the studio and the models, read our full review of the Guys in Sweatpants website. And make sure to let us know what you think in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!


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