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Studio: Sketchy Sex

It all started in the early hours of the night, when Darron came back to our shared pad with a group of strangers. Little did I know that this seemingly innocuous evening would spiral down into an unforgettable raw group sex orgy.

The strangers all had one thing in common – huge cocks and the knowledge of what to do with them. As the night wore on, we each took turns pleasuring each other with passionate kisses, swirling tongues and handjobs. By morning, all pretenses had been thrown out the window and everyone was fully nude, noisily panting and thrusting away.

As multiple orgasms were reached and loads were released upon every surface in sight, all inhibitions were gone as we descended into pure animalistic pleasure. The intensity only seemed to grow exponentially and it felt like it would never end until suddenly it did abruptly and we were exhausted, sweaty and completely sated.

But even then, that wasn’t enough for us as we craved more and more pleasure – an insatiable hunger that was impossible to satisfy. In those moments of intense passion, nothing else mattered but getting off again…and again…and again…


What Next?

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