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The Adorable John Crawford and Zayne Bright

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Studio: BoyFun

John and Zayne were just too adorable in their matching blue and pink pajamas. But when these two boys woke up one morning, it wasn’t long before the laziness gave way to an intense session of BoyFun. John had a huge cock that Zayne couldn’t help but want to stroke and suck on, so after getting John worked up, the two were soon engaged in some passionate sex. Zayne was eager to hop onto John’s dick and have some wild times, and you’d be surprised to know they lasted more than a few minutes!

With his eyes set firmly on giving his friend pleasure, John proceeded to lick and slurp on every inch of Zayne’s body while they both got ready for round two. With some steamy spooning thrown into the mix, this boy-on-boy action was about to reach its milky conclusion.

Before long, Zayne was being showered with cum from the explosive end that John’s raw rod brought him – what a breakfast fit for a growing twink! As if that wasn’t enough, John also decided to beat off around his pal’s face, giving them one final moment of pleasure before they enjoyed their lazy morning in bed once more.

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If you loved watching "The Adorable John Crawford and Zayne Bright" by BoyFun, then you'll be thrilled to know that this studio is one of the top Twink sites around! With tons of content, plenty of monthly updates, and all sorts of Twinks in a mix of hardcore, bareback and solo action, BoyFun is one of the largest and longest-running twink sites around. Check out Boyfun's profile for more videos and our full review to get a better idea of what this studio has to offer! Oh, and don't forget to leave us a comment and let us know what you think of The Adorable John Crawford and Zayne Bright! We'd love to hear whether you enjoyed it (or not)!


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