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Nico’s First Ass To Top

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Studio: Broke Straight Boys

Removing socks and softly caressing their feet, Nico and Leo make sure to make each other feel as relaxed as possible before they start to make out. Nico kisses Leo and moves down his body to take his entire length into his mouth, getting him hard and ready. Laying down to better access his shaft, Nico‘s mouth is filled with Leo‘s growing cock, getting bigger with each stroke of his tongue. Nico‘s cut cock is long and hard, ready for Leo‘s mouth to envelop it with saliva and warmth.
twitches as he sucks it. Giving him gentle guidance, Nico requests that Leo keep going just as he is, filling his throat. A glimpse of his dominance reveals itself as Nico embraces Leo‘s neck with his palm. The two cocks touch as they make out, teasing each other with gentle kisses and caresses. Finally, Nico takes his prize, spreading Leo‘s cheeks and licking from taint to hole, getting his ass wet and ready for his huge cock. Sliding into him, Nico gives it all to Leo, who moans as he receives his thickness. The manhood fills Leo‘s ass and its length slides along his entrance with each stroke. They moan and gasp in harmony, each experiencing their own type of pleasure.
His asshole is tight, even more so against Nico‘s girth. Turning him over, Nico slides and penetrates Leo slowly and with purpose. His performance as a top is a natural role for him, Nico takes control and takes what he desires with his gentle dominance. Leo‘s lean body ripples as Nico thrusts his way into him. This, in the end, is what sends Leo over the edge. His white cream shoots out of him as his prostate is massaged by Nico‘s long cock, before Nico, in turn, spills his wetness onto Leo‘s cock in satisfaction.

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