The Magic Hands of Kane Fox

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Studio: ColbyKnox
Release Title: Happy Ending with Shapey and Kane Fox

Who knew Kane Fox had magic massage hand powers? In this ColbyKnox update, the foxy Fox stands over Shapey Shaperson. He’s on his stomach. On a massage table. Naked. His curvy butt glistening. Kane, standing to one side, notices Shapey’s muscles are all tight. “I’ve been stressed out lately,” Shapey explains. “I can tell,” Kane replies. He works Shapey’s back and shoulders. Then Shapey’s rump receives needed attention. “Your hands are magical,” Shapey whispers as Kane kneads his booty. It’s impossible to miss the bulge in Kane’s pants. He strokes it as he fondles the juicy butt. “You feel really tight,” Kane says. At this point it’s hard to discern if he means Shapey’s muscles or hole. 🙂 Kane maneuvers to Shapey’s front. He looks up, noticing the tent in Kane’s pants. He touches the bulge and Kane unzips. Shapey strokes the meat. Kisses the tip. After Kane removes his shirt, Shapey swallows.

He fondles the cum heavy nuts. As Kane is orally serviced, he continues the massage. He grabs the back of Shapey’s head, fucking the hottie’s mouth. “Your mouth feels so good,” Kane whispers. It’s his turn to show how his tongue works. He gets on the table, spitting in Shapey’s hole. “You taste so good,” Kane exclaims. He dives right in Shapey’s ass crack, getting his tongue deep inside. “You like how that tastes,” Shapey wonders. “I knew you would taste good,” Kane responds. Shapey has another question. “You’re going to fuck me too,” he asks. “You want me to,” Kane replies. “Yes, please” Shapey groans. At first Kane teases, sliding his dick between Shapey’s ass mounds. “Give it to me,” Shapey pleads. Kane carefully works his bare tool inside. Shapey yelps from the shock of pleasure. The hammering tempo picks up. “Fuck. You really are tight,” Kane notes. The tightness doesn’t keep Kane from going balls deep. “You like that dick,” he wonders. “I love that dick,” Shapey whimpers. “It’s so deep.” They decide Shapey should be on his back.

He places one leg on Kane’s shoulder. After slowly working back inside, Kane resumes fucking. When Shapey’s “special spot” is rammed, his eyes roll back. Kane leans down so they can kiss. Soon both of Shapey’s long legs are up in the air. Knees pulled to his chest. Kane leans down to nibble Shapey’s neck. “I want to see you bend over for me,” Kane insists. “Yes, sir,” Kane answers with a shy grin. He gets off the table, pointing his backside in Kane’s direction. He resumes stuffing Shapey. Kane alternates the speed but each stroke strikes deep. Shapey places a leg on the table. “Oh, yeah,” he sobs. “Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fucking use that ass.” That’s what Kane does. Shapey reaches back, pulling one of his cheeks. “Spread it open for me,” Kane commands. Shapey has an idea. “You want to cum on my face?” “Fuck, yeah,” Kane says. Shapey returns to the table. On his back. Kane stands over him, jerking his dick. Shapey’s mouth is open, tongue out. When Kane shoots, the cum lands on Shapey’s forehead, nose, cheek and neck. Shapey licks the juice on Kane’s johnson. Hard to believe but Shapey is cuter when cum glazes his face. 🙂 He’s been stroking and soon his man juice covers his smooth stomach. “That was the best massage I ever had,” he observes. “Yeah,” Kane retorts. “You have to come back.”

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