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Eating & Stretching Anthony’s Ass

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Studio: Jawked
Release Title: Eating Anthony’s Ass

Oh, what a handsome daddy hunk Johnny Viper is! He’s so lucky to have a hot piece of ass to enjoy in this Jawked session with the sexy young jock Antony Carter.

The sexy young soccer player is back from the game and it seems he has a light injury. But it’s more likely just an excuse to tempt the handsome man into groping the swelling soccer boy dick in his lovely shorts.

Of course, Johnny wastes no time reaching up there and checking out what the boy has for him. And what a treat he gets! In moments, that big, meaty jock dick is revealed, and Johnny is sucking and stroking it.

By this point, Antony’s mysterious leg injury is completely forgotten. He’s far too distracted by the pleasure his handsome daddy pal is delivering. With Johnny’s hunger only growing, the boy’s ass is soon out for him to thoroughly slurp and tongue.

He’s not the only one with a hunger to satisfy, of course. Antony is so excited to get his mouth on the thick and throbbing tool muscle man Johnny has for him. He doesn’t hold back when he’s worshiping the delicious length.

While their delicious feast could have continued until their cream was gushing, Antony needs a good filling. With his ass up and ready, Johnny slips his engorged tool in deep.

With his blue soccer socks still on his feet, Antony enjoys his post-game pleasures, taking that big and powerful bareback dick in every position. He wanks himself off with fury until his sporty boy semen is blasting out over his fit body. Soon, he’ll be doubled by Johnny’s gusher of a climax!

That’s the kind of post-game cool down every soccer playing boy needs!

What Next?

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