Even’s First Meeting With Adolini

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Studio: Andolini

This video is one of the first between Andolini and Canaillou. It all started in the busy streets of Lyon, Andolini and Canaillou used to meet regularly to run together when Canaillou was just out of college. They were all passionate about running, and spent hours training and perfecting their technique but also had the same vice … This last common point was their little secret discovered on dating applications. One day, during their weekly training around the Parc de la tête d’Or, they detected Mathieu from Lyon nearby on their favorite dating application. Andolini proposed to Mathieu to share his little favorite after their training; which Mathieu could not refuse when he received their hot pic.

The appointment was made at Mathieu’s place. Mathieu took advantage of their training to turn his entire living room upside down in order to welcome his new playing partners properly. When Andolini and Canaillou arrived at his house, Mathieu was all nervous, but he was determined to give it his best shot. This video is a taste for Andolini and Canaillou at the time of all the others that they then made together

What Next?

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