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New Delivery Boy in Lyon

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Studio: Andolini

As he stepped out of his shower, Andolini was looking forward to his food order. He was extremely hungry and was looking forward to enjoying a delicious meal at home after giving his all with a follower who came to visit him. He finally heard a noise on the stairs of his building approaching his apartment, and then the doorbell rang. Andolini, wearing a bath towel, rushed to the door to greet the delivery man. When he opened the door, Andolini was surprised to see a gorgeous blond man with a body sculpted by exercise and training. He had heard of this delivery man before, nicknamed FitFrench, for his ability to deliver packages in any weather, wind, rain or snow. “Hi, I’m your delivery guy. I have a delivery for you,” he said with a charming smile. Andolini was immediately captivated by the man before him, who looked so strong and fit.

He looked like an athlete, and Andolini couldn’t help but think what this magnificent body could do if it were used for something other than delivering food. Andolini knew he had an asset under his briefcase, a guilty pleasure that few could resist. He began to imagine FitFrench slowly undressing to reveal his muscular body and obediently devouring his beautiful dick. Andolini invited the delivery man to go home, not without some difficulty after awkwardly dropping his bath towel on the floor

What Next?

Are you ready to dive deep into the world of raw, hardcore French gay porn with Andolini (AndoliniXXL)? This tall, hairy French stud with a massive dick is on a mission to fuck horny guys raw and rough with no mercy until they are dripping his seeds out! If you're ready for some real excitement, head over to Andolini's profile and subscribe to his updates. You won't be disappointed!

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Even's First Meeting With Adolini
I like your look. You like my creampies

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