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Spring Milking at Aquilon’s Farm

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Studio: Andolini
Release Title: Spring Filling

Dive into the last meeting of the two friends, Andolini and Aquillon. They met again during Andolini’s stay in the Vendée, and boy, was it an adventure! Andolini is always hot, and he knows it. He can count on his friend Vendéen to satisfy him in every way. Aquillon, our young straight farmer, is a bit of a workaholic. He doesn’t fully accept his taste for men, but he’s working on it. He rarely allows himself the time to indulge in them, but he’s making progress.

He prefers to work tirelessly in his farm to forget his urges, and we’re all rooting for him! Andolini has already introduced his friend to these incredible pleasures, which he forbids himself during his last stay in Vendée. Andolini knows his friend well and decides to go to the farm to find Aquillon and enjoy a moment of pure relaxation with him.

What Next?

Are you ready to dive deep into the world of raw, hardcore French gay porn with Andolini (AndoliniXXL)? This tall, hairy French stud with a massive dick is on a mission to fuck horny guys raw and rough with no mercy until they are dripping his seeds out! If you're ready for some real excitement, head over to Andolini's profile and subscribe to his updates. You won't be disappointed!

We've got a little secret for you! AndoliniXXL is part of the amazing Studio Presse, which means you get access to all of AndoliniXXL's incredible content, plus thousands of other videos from studios like CiteBeur, MenoBoys, and many more! If you want to know more, check out our CiteBeur Review!


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