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The Master’s Garage

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Studio: CiteBeur
Release Title: Master’s Garage

Two eager guys, Mathieu from Lyon and Dzfuck, have set up an appointment with their regular cocksuckers in a garage. The technique is already well tested, and the cum-eaters know exactly what they have to do. They get naked in the garage, displaying their pucks, and wait for their masters to come and use their mouths and asses. After an hour of waiting in the dark, the bosses finally arrive. Without a moment’s hesitation, they seize these gifts and immerse those eager mouths and eager holes in their impressive cocks. Let the party begin!

What next?

Wow, that was one hot The Master’s Garage scene, wasn't it? If you like interracial, raw, hardcore gay porn with sexy French guys and rough macho Arabs, there's no better place than CiteBeur! It's the perfect place to find the horniest French guys and Arab machos who just take what they want and leave no French hole dry! Check out CiteBeur's profile for more videos and photos just like this! And if you want to know even more about CiteBeur, don't miss our CiteBeur Review!


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